Indoor air quality is the first criteria many architects and government agencies look at when specifying products for LEED buildings and other projects geared to minimizing the environmental footprint. Features such as zero VOCs, low odor, resistance to mildew and an anti-microbial, silica-free formula combine to make Health Kote and Vantage Plus by Diamond Vogel Paints plus Harmony, Emerald and Pro Marr 200 XP from Sherwin Williams the ultimate paint choice for these projects.

Specifying zero-VOC or low-VOC paints is a great start, but Don Carvey Painting can help residential and commercial customers take their green efforts to an even higher level by understanding and extolling the values of durability.
“Green is defined not only as low-VOC, explains Don Carvey owner of Don Carvey Painting. “Durability is just as important.”

Don Carvey Painting uses higher quality coatings products, so we paint our clients’ properties less often. Over the years, reducing the number of repaints helps reduce waste and emissions. Similarly, the use of paints like Health Kote and Vantage Plus by Diamond Vogel Paints plus Emerald, Haromony and ProMar 200 XP from Sherwin Willliams helps reduce emissions and waste by allowing the use of one less coat than standard competitive coatings.

Don Carvey Painting also shows its customers their green commitment by choosing a paint supplier that not only produces high-quality, low-VOC coatings, but extends that green idea into all of its operations. Sherwin-Williams and Diamond Vogel Paints are a good example of that kind of forward-thinking organization. Industry leaders in the green coatings movement, both companys invests millions of dollars a year in the research and development of advanced, innovative coatings.

The world left behind for future generations is of the utmost concern to Diamond Vogel. Diamond Vogel is built on the strength of generations dedicated to providing the best paints and coatings available to protect homes, offices and equipment from natural deterioration. They have developed practical, sustainable coating solutions that minimize their environmental impact while maintaining the high level of quality you’ve come to expect from Diamond Vogel.

Sherwin-Williams scientists have created formulas using sustainable raw materials like soy and sunflower oil, and continually try to improve productivity and reduce emissions by developing coatings that require fewer coats and repaints. Improvements to their manufacturing process and distribution system further conserve natural resources.

In the end, painters who emphasize the importance of durability and indoor air quality, while choosing a paint supplier with a company-wide green focus, show customers their commitment to a better environment.

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