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If your exterior of your house is looking weathered, faded or worse it is time to call Don Carvey Painting!! As most people know, a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference not only cosmetically, but also structurally. After all, paint protects your home from the elements. For many, hiring a professional painter to tackle the job is well worth the price considering the non-financial costs of the job. Consider the physical risks of hanging out on ladders, juggling heavy equipment, and dodging hornet’s nests. Think, too, of the environmental issues of mold and mildew.

Ultimately, though, the main reason to hire a pro like Don Carvey Painting is to help make sure that the finish lasts for years to come. A professional knows exactly how to prepare the surface – whether wood, brick or stucco – to allow proper adhesion. Professional painters also know that what type of paint to use and at what time and temperature to apply it. Done incorrectly, your paint job could need to be refinished way too soon.

I would definitely give Don and his crew a great reference!! Thanks the house looks great – Andy Pierpoint

After the examination, the work process is basically three-fold: repair damage, prepare surfaces, and then paint.

A professional painter starts by repairing damaged areas – typically fascia, wood trims, window sills and doors. Light damage can be repaired easily with the proper tools, but split or rotten wood may require the services of a carpenter.

After all the repairing, cleaning and preparation is completed, the house is finally ready for its new face. Don Carvey Painting uses only excellent quality, exterior paint from Sherwin Williams and Diamond Vogel.

Since your home is likely your most valuable asset, you’ll want to protect it. And a fresh coat of paint can help to protect it from sun, snow, rain and hail for years to come.

Besides, it’ll make it look good, too.

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